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 Posted: 07-29-2006 03:06 am
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Joe & All:

My '73 #12248 is in the same condition. The engine temp seems to run up to about the 3/4 point on the gauge or slightly above when the outdoor temp is around 85 degrees and above. Cooler days its just fine. I only have  two core radiator which I had cleaned by a local radiator shop. As it seems now from reading all the posts, I probably should have had a three core put in.  Joe, my oil pressure is the same. best it will do is about 50-55 psi at cold start but drops to 40-45 psi at 3000rpm when hot. at idle its sitting down around 20-25 psi...little scary.  Right now I am more concerned with the higher engine temp.  Is it the groups advice to go with the 3 core rebuild ?  Any other final checks I should run before spending these dollars?


Dave Ciaccio

'73 JH  #12248