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 Posted: 04-15-2005 02:55 am
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Ben Friedman


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I am currently converting to a Pertronix Ingnition system with a Flamethrower coil (by the way, thanks to everyone for helping out on my previous post), and have been following everyone's advice carefully.  Even so, I seem to be stuck.  What is this ballast resistor that I keep hearing about, and where is it?  I have traced both wires that go to the positive side of my coil: one comes from the solenoid, and the other goes through the firewall (with no sign of a resistor), and then disappears somewhere in the wiring harness behind my instrument cluster.

Is it possible that I don't have a ballast resistor?  And if so, where should I connect the other wire of my Pertronix Ignitor to?  Why does everything that seems so simple always turn out to have so many hidden problems?