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 Posted: 07-21-2006 07:23 am
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Hi Mark,

thanks so much for your clear explanation. My 3rd fuse was rated 30A which should have been 35A as i understood. I think indeed it is a good idea to replace all three after all these years.

You guessed right: i don't have the stereo manufacturer's recommendation re. the fuse. But it is 4 x 25 Watt = 100 Watt. So your example of 120 Watt is fine with a efficiency of 50%. Since i think i will turn the volume up occasionally i will stick with your 120 Watt example.  This translates to 20A must carry which is close to the JH 18A must carry or 35A must blow.

looks like i'm going to need 4 of those 35A fuses

i'm getting close and ready for MOT!!

thanks a million Mark