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 Posted: 07-21-2006 03:26 am
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All the responses are quite correct.

My opinion is that you should install both the 5spd Tranny and Rear.  You'll get lower rpms at highway driving by about 8%.  Replace the two piece Driveshaft with a one piece unit - buy from Delta, Pete's Kits (, or have a local shop make one for you (just be certain what you are buying).  A one-piece shaft will get rid of the troublesome center support as well.

When you make this conversion, you will have to move the rear Tranny mounting plate either forward or rearward (I don't recall which).  You will also have to drill a hole in the Tunnel to accept the upper mounting bushing.

Be aware, the Shifter mechanism on the 5spd is a troublesome device.  Check very carefully before you buy.  Many are worn in the linkage, and will give you a very unsatisfactory shifting experience - see:

I'm not trying to sell stuff here, I'm only trying to help............   The links above will give you lots of technical details.