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 Posted: 07-18-2006 05:53 pm
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Kurt, thanks for the reply, I did change the idle jets holders to what was recommended, but still had my problems, the best thing I did was get the Del Slavens book, that's why I took them apart again and made sure I did a thorough cleaning, and now have a better understanding of were things go and how they operate.

Sure hope they work out better this time.

just for your info here's a list of what I'm using.

Mine /  New
Mine /  Old

Carburetor Size (mm) 40

Choke Size (mm)  33 / NEW  35 / OLD

Venturi 7848.1

Main Jet  145 / NEW  130 / OLD

Main Jet Emulsion Tube  7772.5

Main Jet Air Correction Jet  190 / NEW  160 / OLD

Idle Jet 55

Idle Jet Holder  7850.7 / NEW  7850.5 / OLD

Pump Jet  45

Cold Start Jet  70

Cold Start Emulsion Tube  7482.1

Needle Valve 

Float Assembly  7298.2

Butter Flys  7481.2