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 Posted: 07-17-2006 03:58 pm
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Hey Judson,

Well just to hit the high points, I had a lot of spit back, and the mixture screw didn't seem to have much effect, so after I took them off the last time, I stripped them down again and soaked them for a month or so in cleaner, purchased the Lotus anti-spit back flanges plus the springs inside the pump jets, (mine didn't have them),  I also picked up and studied the "Del Slavens book".

So right now they are all back together with all new o-rings and gaskets etc; bolted to the manifold waiting for me to get the nerve to install, I have a 4 gauge vacuum setup that I use on my motorcycle to try and tweak them in, but have been considering getting the "Carb Tune Nanometer" because this seem's the area that I'm falling short in "the tuning".

Any suggestion's that you have Judson would be greatly appreciated, I did get some good feedback when I fought this loosing battle last year.

Thanks  Brett.