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 Posted: 07-17-2006 08:27 am
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Hi Mark,

i found out few of my problems where due to a blown fuse (bottom fuse)....should have looked there first as you explained in your reply. New fuse and voila, my horns and interior light are both functioning well

the right headlight problem was due to a broke wire...easy to trace. The left rear flasher was a grounding issue. NOt in the wires though but in the foot where the light bulb sits. Little bit of solder solved the issue.

so ready for MOT now.

One question left concerning hooking my stereo:

i need to connect to 12V (for stereo memory) and 12V switched. Now i read on John Kimbrough's website that 12V switched can be found on the ignition white/blue. I found that wire in the dash behind the stereo (don't know its function??). But my problem is finding a 12V for the memory which will not overload the fuse! So i was thinking: why not combine the red 12V switched wire with the yellow 12V wire of the stereo and connect it straight to the battery +?

Thanks as always.