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 Posted: 07-17-2006 04:05 am
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Judson, are you saying I can make the DHLA 40's work with a 2.2L with some light head work and 104 cams? Keep in mind I really don't need to go over 6000 rpm since I will have a Ford T5 5 speed with the 0.73 overdrive. I would think this combination would give me better response in the lower rpm range and the rest of the package should keep it pulling up to 6000 rpm. This could be wishfull thinking on my part. What are your thoughts. My experience with my Sunbeam Tiger was that most people over carburated the engines. I had all the Shelby options on my car and I stayed with the OE Holley 465 cfm 4 bbl. I did some modifications to fine tune it but once I did, ba ba ba boom. I suspect my JH will be like my old Tiger, just handle better and ride better with more creature comforts. Judson tell me more about using the DHLA 40's with a 2.2L. What would I need to do to make this work for a street car?