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 Posted: 07-11-2006 03:29 pm
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Harkes wrote: The PO had switched off the Infamous Seat Belt Warning module by connecting the wires that go to the seat and to the seat belt to each other...  I will make a picture of it and show you. [...]  Where should i start; since i did start fiddling with the wires that go to the seat and seatbelt i might i have changed things because of which now things don't work?

Those wires go only to each other and the seat belt module.  Unless you connected them to some other circuit, or you have really severe wiring problems, it's highly implausible for them to have anything to do with your problems.

Harkes wrote: The rear lights work fine when lights are switched on,  right rear flasher light works fine, back-up/reverse lights work fine and when braking using brakepedal the brake lights go on as well. But the left rear flasher light doesn't work whereas i checked the bulb is fine.

Apparently the ground connections are all good.  Does the left front flasher work?  If not, check the turn signal switch for one or more bad wires or connector pins, or bad contacts inside the switch.  If so, check the socket for the left rear bulb and ensure that the spring-loaded pins that make contact with the bulb base are clean and can move.  Reassemble with a small amount of dielectric grease applied to the electrical contact areas of both bulb and socket.

Harkes wrote: The interior light in the door worked for one minute then ceased.

Is the bulb still good?  Are the contacts inside the light housing still in good shape?  Has the light housing melted or distorted due to heat from the bulb?  Is the switch in the correct position (it has three: always off, always on, and on when door is opened)?  The switch receives its power directly from Fuse #3 so check the fuse and the wires connected to it.

Harkes wrote:  the horns don't work

Check the various bullet connectors in the wiring at the front of the car.  (If these are not making good contact, this could also explain your headlight problem.)  Check the wires and connector pins for the turn signal / horn / headlight switch.

The horn switch itself is inside the end of the turn signal lever.  The cap unscrews and you can then examine the contacts. Inside the switch, the body of the lever is connected to the wiring via a rather fragile crimp connection.  It is sometimes possible to repair this connection if it is broken.  Since a replacement switch is very expensive, a repair is always worth attempting.

Harkes wrote: lord lucas striking?

No.  It's hard to tell in these multi-national days, but I think he's actually working for me in some subsidiary position at the moment.  :^}