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 Posted: 07-11-2006 07:33 am
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Thanks Mark,

The PO had switched off the Infamous Seat Belt Warning module by connecting the wires that go to the seat and to the seat belt to each other...  I will make a picture of it and show you.

now i don't know whether this is good or not, but before i started taking the car apart it all worked fine (meaning no seatbelt warning whilst in seat without seatbelt strapped and car started). Also with the handbrake engaged the Brake Park Fail light would switch on and off when released again.

since i yesterday bled the rear brakes i don't see any Brake Park Fail light which seems good now then. But i'm getting a funny feeling that may be something is not good.

Where should i start; since i did start fiddling with the wires that go to the seat and seatbelt i might i have changed things because of which now things don't work?

The rear lights work fine when lights are switched on,  right rear flasher light works fine, back-up/reverse lights work fine and when braking using brakepedal the brake lights go on as well. But the left rear flasher light doesn't work whereas i checked the bulb is fine. I need to change the right front headlight (high beam works but not the regular light) and the horns don't work..

The interior light in the door worked for one minute then ceased...

lord lucas striking?

i need to take the car for MOT so the flasher light, horns and headlight must work.

thanks for your help, very much appreciated.


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