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 Posted: 07-11-2006 01:52 am
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Harkes wrote: My Brake Park Fail light stays on when ignition on and hand brake is released.

i disconnected the PDWA and Brake Park Fail light goes out...

This is a fairly conclusive indication that the little piston inside the PDWA is now off-center.  It's also possible, but unlikely, that the PDWA switch itself has failed in some way.

Harkes wrote:
Funnily enough when hand brake is engaged the Brake Park Fail light does NOT go on either.. I did fiddle with the wiring of seat belt warning lights; does this have anything to do with it?

There are two switches in a single case, that are operated by the hand brake.  One section works in parallel with the PDWA switch, so that if either or both is closed, the Brake Park Fail light will illuminate.  The second section of the switch is connected to the Infamous Seat Belt Warning Module.  It's quite easy to hook up the switch wiring incorrectly, and that may be what's happened in your case.  Unfortunately the handbrake switch is perhaps the least accessible electrical item in the entire car.

Harkes wrote:
How to center the PDWA?? (i can't find it on the message board) [...]?

Since you bled the front brakes only, most likely pressure in the rear brake lines moved the PDWA switch piston off-center.  Bleed the rear brakes, and pressure in the front brake lines should move the piston back to center.  If it goes too far, loosen the front brake bleeder slightly and have someone slowly apply pressure to the brake pedal until the Brake Park Fail light extinguishes, then re-tighten the bleeder.

If you are unlucky, you may have to apply this process alternately to front and rear brakes, repeatedly, until the switch ends up centered again.

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