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 Posted: 06-28-2006 03:45 pm
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Scott basically has it right from what I can tell.

The 4 speed rear ratio is like a 3.75, and the 5 speed rear ratio is like a 3.45 (numbers not exact).

The five speed will go right on the motor with no issues.  It will also go in the mount with no issues, but I re-designed mine to work with a stout common Chevy mount.

The drive shaft will be the issue, if you don't have one.  As Scott mentioned, the flanges are different on the differential, and, the yokes for the transmissions are different too if I remember right.

I got lucky and the 5 speed I bought came with a shaft that went to a 4 speed rear end, which was perfect.

If you are getting a five speed transmission and drive shaft you've got a couple of options:

*swap the five speed rear in too and use it all
*have the five speed shaft modified to bolt to the four speed (which would be easy to do).

All you'd need to do is carry the 5 speed drive shaft to a driveshaft balancing/repair place and they could weld a proper flange on the end of it for you.  Carry a pencil rubbing of the 4 speed differential input flange with you.

I have a four speed too, that is working fine, if you want that. Gladly trade it, some money, and labor to get another five speed for racing.


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