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 Posted: 06-28-2006 03:31 am
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Frank Schwartz


Consider the Hermitage...well worth the visit...
The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson, is one of the largest and most widely visited presidential homes in the United States. The State of Tennessee purchased the property from the Jackson family in 1855-56. Since 1889 the Ladies’ Hermitage Association has cared for the property as a historic site museum. Today The Hermitage is a 1,120-acre National Historic Landmark. Thanks to the Association’s efforts, almost all of the mansion’s contents are original. The Hermitage is a national model for authenticity, conservation, and preservation. The Hermitage mansion recently underwent an award-winning, extensive $2.5 million interior restoration, making this dwelling the most accurately preserved early presidential home in the country. In the past couple of decades, new initiatives and preservation programs have enhanced the visitor’s experience at The Hermitage--in such areas as archaeology, gardens and grounds, education, and the history of slavery. The Hermitage is Nashville’s first Smithsonian Institution Affiliate Museum. The site draws nearly 200,000 visitors annually, including 30,000 schoolchildren. The property also receives another 30,000 annual visits from the local community for a variety of recreational purposes, including over 1,000 children who play Little League baseball at The Hermitage's Rotary Park.