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 Posted: 06-22-2006 08:06 pm
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Following is how Tim Engle explained and set up 18309 after bringing it back to life after sitting for 15 years. So far no issues at all.  Temp approx 70 degrees f, rotate engine to TDC, Using a Borroughs belt tension gauge we set it to just over 100 pounds knowing the new belt would stretch. We set the gague close to the distributor sprocket. The Lotus guys use the Borroughs gauge all the time. Several models are available so not are all the same. I purchased one on ebay and compared it to Tim's with similar results. My Borroughs is actually labled Robinair # 10240 with mfg by Borroughs, Kalamazoo MI on the dial. The Borroughs for the Lotus 907 is model BT-33-86J according to Tim.