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 Posted: 06-15-2006 01:26 pm
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Do check everything Mark suggests, it's amazing how complex problems tend to have very simple solutions.  I had similar over-charging problems on an old Delco unit of mine, it turned out to be a bad rebuild.

The 'ignition' light is wired directly to the alternator.  If you ground it with the ignition switch 'on' it should illuminate.

Lucas has (2) 3/8" Positive terminals and (1) 1/4" terminal for the 'ignition' light.  Delco has the same number of terminals, but one 3/8" terminal is wired to ground.

On an originally equipped Delco car, it is very easy to incorrectly attach the groud wire (used w/ Delco, NOT with Lucas) and blow the Lucas diodes sky high.