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 Posted: 06-09-2006 02:11 pm
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This crash roll is now obsolete. On 15851 the gap between the padding and the stainless frame was uneven, with the edge of the padding being ragged in places. I pondered this for a while. In the end I found an extruded soft flexible plastic sealing strip in the weather stipping/sealing isle of Home Depot. It's shaped like a tennis racket, but without the strings! There's a donut bulb shape on one end of about 3/8" dia.  attached to a thin flat section which is about 1/2" in lenght. Double sided tape is attatched to one side of this flat section, which held this seal inplace while I positioned at bolted the crash roll to the windshield frame. This seal material comes in white or brown. I chose brown and painted it with black vinyl dye (as I did the to crash roll to freshen it up). I sandwiched it between the front face of the crash roll and the rear face of the stainless frame, with the donut bulb on top. The bulb is large enough to cover both the iregularities in the gap between these parts and the ragged egde of the padding, and soft enough to flatten when the soft top is put up. It probably aids water tighness to.  From the pics linked below, this seal can just be seen.