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 Posted: 06-06-2006 03:03 am
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Joseph Mazurk


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Brett & Bert,

         Dave Bean at has the anti-popping spacers (ask for Ken Grey). They have done the job for me. No more popping and smooth progression. One must also keep in mind where you are located. My Dells came from San Diego which is almost at sea level. Bringing them to Chicago, about 600' above sea level made them run rough till I changed the jets and e-tubes. Now they are smooth and very pleased with them. Brett, keep at it and sooner or later you will get them right. I will loan you my man-o-meter if you need it. You can check out my spacers this upcoming weekend at J2006 held in Springfield. Illinois. If you haven't registered "just come on down" and bring your car and family. We'd love to see ya.

                          Joseph Mazurk

                            Chicago, IL