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 Posted: 05-30-2006 10:58 pm
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Just to close this one out. After convincing myself that it was the head gasket and having all the parts overnighted to me so that I could work on it over the holiday weekend, I went back to triple check and discovered that it was in fact the intake manifold gasket.

Of course, I had not ordered that gasket, but I was able to make one out of paper gasket material using the old one as a template. Of more interest was the fact that the casting was in pretty bad shape, so in addition to the gasket I used non-hardening Permatex Form-a-Gasket pretty liberally. Using a coolant system pressure tester, it does not leak down AT ALL.

Now on to the cam cover gasket leaks. I am probably going to resort to RTV for those.

Thanks again to everyone who chimed in with suggestions.