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 Posted: 05-29-2006 11:08 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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If you're really lucky, someone put the wrong pulley on the water pump and repair would merely involve installing the correct part.  More likely, though, the flange (hub) to which the water pump pulley bolts was not installed properly.

To allow the situation to continue will place excess stress the water pump, which will eventually fail.  For any other cause other than an incorrect pulley, repair requires removal of the water pump.

Fixing things before the pump fails is inexpensive -- some labor, access to a press, and the price of a gasket.  Repair after a pump failure is far more costly -- a rebuilt water pump is close to $200 nowadays if you have a good core, or maybe $550 if you don't.  And if the engine should seriously overheat as a result of a water pump failure, you could be in need of a full overhaul.

Attached for reference is a photo showing a pulley of the correct type.


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