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 Posted: 05-29-2006 04:04 am
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Joseph Mazurk


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Hi John,


              Thanks for the reply. I know about viscosity and how it changes when the engine is warm. My engine just started to read 40-45 lbs of oil pressure at 4000 RPMs doing about 70 MPH. Before it was always reading at 55 lbs doing these numbers. I feel very comfortable when my engine reads below 50 lbs. at 70 MPH. I worry that it is the beginning of problems. On a side note I did a compression test and got 125, 130, 130 and 130 with 89,000 miles on the speedo. When the engine starts the oil pressure is at 65 lbs. and when warm does the nose dive to 40-45 after driving it for about 15 minutes. I think this rules out a bad oil pump. So far I am at a loss for a explanation as to why the oil readings are so low. I also disconnected the oil line from the engine and installed a new oil line to a spare oil gauge and got the same numbers. I will check the ratio of water to coolant and add Water Wetter to the coolant.

                                   Joseph Mazurk

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