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 Posted: 05-28-2006 05:06 am
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While adjusting the tension on my fan belt, I noticed that waterpump/fanbelt pulley is approxiomately 1/2 inch off track with the generator pulley and crankshaft pulley.  The water pump pulley and belt is 1/2 inch closer to the radiator than the other two pulleys.  Aside from possible additional wear on the belt, the engine appears to run fine.  After removing the radiator to get to the four bolts to pulley on the water pump I noticed that hub on the shaft has not been pressed far enough on the shaft.  The manual calls for a 3.875 distance from the hub to the impellor.  With the hub not pressed on the shaft as normal, the distance I show is over 4 inches. The water pump appears to be tight and functioning.  Question:  does the entire water pump need to be removed to press the hub further down the shaft.  Is this repairable with the correct tools/press or is one better off biting the bullet and purchasing a new water pump? 

My buddy gave this Jenson to me and it runs great.  I believe this belt condition has existed for a while and not sure it an issue I should address soon.  Any advice out there?