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 Posted: 05-26-2006 01:33 pm
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Yes it's Velcro, but it's reinforced with a steel strip sandwiched between the outer velcro and fabric backing (just like the 2 pieces on the inside edge of the deck panel that have the 3 snaps). Delta doesn't have these, however the soft top frame uses 4 pieces of this material (sans steel strip) in lenghts of 6" and 11" (2 of each), that retain the side of the top in the area of the door glass. If you order a single piece of either of these sizes you can put a pieces of steel strip between. Clamp the pieces down and drill the 2  x 1/8" holes.  This is what I did on #15851 just a few days ago as the old velcro was looked tired and shabbyon this restoration.