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 Posted: 05-25-2006 12:39 pm
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Hello Ron,

I bought one off EBay.  When you see the price you may just want to buy only one.  They go for $50-$60 each.  I just move the one from cyl. to cyl.  I was reading a rather interesting article on their use.  The author installed the colortune and had the rear (drive) axle up on jack stands so the tires could spin freely.  With the tranny in gear a second person pushed the gas peddle and applied the brakes at the same time there by loading the engine.  This way the combustion flame could be viewed with the engine under load. 

The author actually wrote that they would run engine near full throttle with the brake applied for brief periods. Just long enough to see the flame color.  It’s kind of a poor man’s dyno. I haven’t tried this method yet.  I’ve been busy fixing up a 94 Saab for my Son.  So I’ve had grease under the fingernails just not the Jensen kind.


Here is one link to a seller.

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