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 Posted: 05-24-2006 12:45 pm
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Like I said the Lotus anti-poping plates did it for me. In addition I’d like to recommend using a "colortune" spark plug to actually tune the carbs.  It is basically a spark plug with clear (glass?) insulator which when installed and engine running allows you to look into the cylinder and see the flame color.  It is truly an amazing tool.  I was surprised to see a bright orange flame at idle and progression which turned blue-ish during the main (higher rpm).  Ideally you want to see light blue (Bunsen burner blue).  I’m working through it now and am putting smaller jets in.  I’m struggling with trying to get decent gas mileage out of mine.  My engine and cams have been modified quite a bit so I’m not sure I’ll get much better than the 18 mpg I’m getting around town. Also there is a great eBay seller of Dellorto jets (Alfa….something) in Italy that has great prices on all the jets, holders…. Just email him.


I’ll try to post some photos of the Colortune in action.  Also, another must have is the Morgan Carbtune for balancing.  A bit Pricy but worth the cost in my opinion.  My wife likes it too since she is convinced that all this stuff keeps me out of the pubs at night!