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 Posted: 05-24-2006 12:29 am
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Mark Rosenbaum

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What I can think of at the moment:
  • Pinhole leak in radiator core, coolant is being sucked back by fan and settles on engine.
  • Water pump or thermostat housing leak, with coolant being blown back by fan, or running down on front then rearward and down.
  • Head gasket coolant leak, possibly at rear, running down rear of block then forward and down; or at front, running down then rearward and down.
  • Hose from water pump to intake manifold leaking at either or both ends.
  • Leaking temperature sensor.
  • Leaking heater hose at intake manifold or heater core inlet pipe.
  • Block or intake manifold internally corroded to point of leaking through casting walls.
I've seen most of the above on various cars over the years.  The smaller the leak, the harder it is to find.  Sometimes a few sheets of newspaper, manually positioned near various suspect areas, can intercept a spray or other leak and give you a good idea of where to look.  Other times, you just have to cover the entire engine with clean white rags (e.g. bits of old tee-shirt) and see which ones get wet first.

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