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 Posted: 05-23-2006 06:50 pm
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John Kimbrough


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Brett, I noticed in your first post that besides changing to Dells, you also changed to a Pertronix and Flamethrower.  When I did this my car would not run more than a few miles before quitting.  Each time I checked, the plugs were blackened.  What I found was that with the Flamethrower, the spark plug gap needs to be opened  substantially or the spark will not satisfactorily form and the cylinder will misfire and then quit firing at all.  Since I widened the gap, the problem has disappeared.  See my web site on for complete details.  

For the spitback problems I enriched the mains which provide the mixture in the 2-3000 rpm range through the progression holes.  With Dell 45s I have no more spit back and no more plug fouling.