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 Posted: 05-19-2006 05:03 pm
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 After the testing done at Roebling in another thread, we did get a little data on the car with respect to weight. Our spec weight for racing is 2240 lbs and we come across the scales at 2290 lbs with a 195 lb driver.  So, with me in the car we'll come across the scales at 2260 lbs, with 1/2 tank of fuel, which is as close as I'd like to come. It is the lightest car in ITS class by about 100 lbs, with the average ITS car weighing about 400lbs more.

We could lose some weight with an alloy fuel cell, less fire supression equipment, and a few others little odds and ends, but I'm not willing to trade anything except the tank for an alloy one.  The cage is far over built, too heavy, so some weight could be saved there but now that it is in it is basically irreversable.

Corner weights are suprisingly not bad!!!  Cross weighting revealed that we're within about 6% RR/LF compared to LR/RF.  Unfortunately, there is no adjustment for corner weights or height with the current suspension setup since I don't have coil overs. 

Oil system and new radiator are just about in, I'll put some pictures up of this stuff this weekend.  We're registered for the sprint races at CMP for Memorial Day weekend and I hope that this will be the first race for the car.  If it survives the test day on Friday we'll let her lose and see what happens!

Here is a link to the last "report" -

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