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 Posted: 05-17-2006 01:36 pm
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This design feature of (later model?) Jensen Healeys leaves one wondering, "What were they thinking?".  I assume earlier cars were equipped with Delco alternators and that later it was decided to change over to the Lucas unit.

Is it known at which VIN. # they made the change? 

Is it feasible to connect a separate permanent cable from the battery +12v side to the Lucas 1/4" alternator exciter terminal to ensure charging of the battery without doing damage to other operations of the electrical system?

Another question:  I installed a good bulb (Peanut 2V) in the heater console light socket and it shines when I turn on the head lights.  But when I check the voltage at the 1/4" female spade connector which would connect to the exciter spade on this Lucas alternator I get almost 0 current (0.03V).  Shouldn't it be 12+ volts?

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