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 Posted: 05-16-2006 06:31 pm
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Jim DeClerck

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Mark,  The light socket was stuck in the rubber grommet.  After several squirts of silicone lube from a spray can equipped with an aiming tube along with lots of twisting, agitating, prodding with a long shafted screwdriver and finger tip worrying the socket came loose.  Thx for the silicone tip.  It saved me a trip to the grommet shop.

The bulb, and the socket, are the same as the bulbs and sockets I found in the 3 warning lights, viz., 12v 2W Philips 12829, as indicated on the bulb's base. 

Interesting that the Bulb Chart in my owners handbook (published and copyrighted by Jensen Motors Ltd., 1973, Publication Part No. 93009, Published April 1973) as well as in the Shop Manual, indicates an MES 2.2W bulb (Bulb No. 987) for the "Heater Console", while the bulb for the "Warning signs and lights" is said to be a Peanut 2W (Bulb No. 281).  It appears to me that since the sockets are the same the 2W Peanut bulb is my only choice for all 4 applications.  Am I on the right track?