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 Posted: 05-15-2006 06:11 pm
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Thanks Judson /Greg for the info.

I have changed my belt a couple of times, and I have a tendancy to run it a little on the tight side, but I gradually slacken it off untill the whine goes away, I had'nt thought to much about the long run between the exhaust and crank for checking flex, mostly I'm checking between the inlet and dizzy, thanks for that tip, and also checking every 3000 miles, good info.

As for the tool, I kinda like picking up tools here and there and this thing I thought would take the guess work out of setting the JH belt, while not cheap, I do know that it is very accurate, we have some timing belts on power transmission equipment  here at work and these gauges work quite well on those.

So thats why I thought if someone knew the poundage I could set it for that, then check it out against the suggestion's Judson has kindly provided, to see how they compare.

I've seen a few JH's in my time that the belt is so tight that it has polished the cam gears so much that the teeth are rounding off, so I just thought it might be nice to share a tool that "took the guess work out" .

Judson, are you going to the nationals, if you are I like to see what poundage reading your engine shows, if not and I dont get a answer to this question, maybe I could send you this tool and you could check it out and see what your readings would be, if your interested that is.

Dial Timing Belt Tension Tester 40 To 180 Pound Range,

this is the gauge if you want to check it out on the Mcmaster site.