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 Posted: 05-15-2006 11:30 am
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Well I thought I would remove the mystery about cam belt tension, the manual shows a belt tension gauge and when it ding's or something, your good to go.

So me in my infinate wisdom :>0,  go out and buy a belt tension gauge from Mcmaster-Carr so as to remove any doubt I have if I've done the job correct, so I set the belt tension with the old rule of thumb, from the distributor to the cam sprocket you can twist the belt 3/4's to verticle, or there abouts

Then I put the belt tension gauge on and take a reading and I get 140 lb's, I go to check against the shop manual and low and behold, it does'nt have a listing on what it should be, I even pulled out some Lotus spec's and a quick search thru the service bulletin's and cant find diddley.

Help .................... does anyone know what the belt tension pounds should be ???

 I was even thinking that I would bring this gauge along to the Nationals at Springfield in case someone would like to check there tension, actually I could still do that, check a few cars, see what the average is and go from there, humm....

Judson, you rebuild alot of these things, how are you setting tension if you dont mind me asking ???

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.