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 Posted: 05-12-2006 10:28 pm
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Jim DeClerck

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Thanks Mark,

  This car, 19336, has a Lucas alternator with 3 spade connectors on the back, 2 large spades (3/8") and one smaller spade(1/4"), and no failsafe plug to orient the wires.  The PO did some electrical rewiring and I'm looking at 2 heavy gauge wires with 3/8" connectors and one thinner wire with an appropriately smaller (1/4") connector.

  I just found another note posted regarding on Lucas alternators in which Judson Manning answers the questions I had about connecting the wiring to the alternator, etc.  The heavier wires with the 3/8" connectors are interchangeable on the two 3/8" alternator spades.  One wire goes to the Battery Junction, the other wire goes to the starter solenoid (+) terminal.  The lighter gauge wire with the 1/4" connector goes to the Engine Harness Junction (terminal 3) thence to the "IGNITION" light on the dash.  This lighter wire brings current which acts to excite the field windings of the alternator.  Apparently the Lucal alternator is grounded to the chassis via the mounting hardware.

  I never paid much attention to alternators/generators before as long as the belt was snug and the battery was charging.  Thanks for sending the picture and advice.  I'll save it in case the other car (Delco alternator) acts up.