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 Posted: 04-10-2005 12:25 am
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I restored a 68 Camaro Z28 in 1990. After I had the car down to bare metal. I used 3M Metal Conditioner to treat it.  This is a rust converter. I apply it with ScotchBrite and wipe dry. This needs to be done quickly after exposing the metal, as bare metal starts rusting almost immediatly. I would then apply the seam sealer next, as this usually goes on under any paint. Then spray on a good quality Epoxy primer. After the epoxy primer, you can do all your filling. Minor filling you can use glazing putty. For deeper filling you may need a little bondo. Once body work is done, spray a few coats of sandable primer surfacer.  You can get it pretty close with the primer surfacer, sanding in between coats. Then your ready for top coat. I like to spray on a coat or two of the top coat, let it dry. This will show all the scratches and stuff you can't see with just the primer on. Then wet sand the top coat with 600 or 1000 grit. Once you have this looking good, you will be ready for final top coat (and clear if your using it).  Sounds like a lot of work, and it is.  I'm not a professional painter by no means, and I'm sure there is more good advice out there. But this method works for me. The paint on my Camaro still looks perfect after 15 years.