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 Posted: 05-12-2006 07:30 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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My car has the stock Delco alternator.  There are two plugs on its back: a big one with two heavy wires, and a smaller one with three wires of lesser size.  I've attached an annotated photo of the wiring involved.  The terminal numbers given in the photo are probably different from those in the alternator schematic posted earlier.

Note that both the larger and smaller brown wires are connected to the battery.  For the larger wire, this connection is at the battery junction in the middle of the battery cable.  For the smaller wire, this connection is normally at the battery cable connection on the starter solenoid, but it could just as well go to the spare blade connector on the battery junction.

I haven't bothered to figure out why the small brown / yellow wire loop is present, but IIRC the alternator didn't work properly when the wire broke off shortly after I bought the car, so I hooked things back up as shown.

Attachment: Delco wiring annotated.JPG (Downloaded 109 times)