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 Posted: 04-09-2005 10:01 pm
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I am finishing up the rust repair on my car and the body is still on my rotisserie. I think I have completed the rust repair and am finishing up grinding down the last of all the welding. Where do I go from here? I was going to sandblast the tub down to the metal and was thinking of treating it with a rust converter and then something like POR-15. I was going to use some epoxy to smooth out all the areas that have some pitting from rust and sand it smooth. After the epoxy I planned to use body filler to smooth out the areas where I had to weld in patch panels. Once I was finished prepping the tub I was going to spray it with a good quality primer. Once the primer was on I thought I would go through the tub and apply seam sealer everywhere I think it should go to keep out the moisture and then a little more sealer just because it is a LBC and I know it needs more sealer to keep out the moisture. (this last step is just to humor myself.) Once the tub is ready for paint I was going to begin prepping the body panels and mounting them to the tub so I can spray paint it all at once. Since I have never done this before I was wondering if some of you who have some expertise in body and paint (we're talking cars of course) might jump in and save me from doing this all wrong. Thanks ahead for any help or pitty I might receive from this posting.

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