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 Posted: 05-09-2006 12:34 am
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Lawrence Tod

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Evening Gentlemen

Well I had a wonderful Saturday you would all apreciate . I had the day off work, my kids both had early morning extra curricular events and my wife was not expecting to bring them back until after 5 pm. So , I :

1)installed my front side marker assemblies. Many Thanks to Dan Collier
I wouldn't have been able to install them without Dan as he sent them to me here in Grenada
2)installed my Jensen GT style bonnet prop. Many thanks to ColinW59 ,no matter how often I read those instructions they never made any sence until I saw Collins photos on the JH Photo Gallery
3)installed my replacement wing mirrors. Many thanks to Mark Rosenbloom
For the past two years I could never see anything out of the Passenger side mirror unless I leaned over so far I was nearly in the passenger seat.

This Club is absolutely the best, I am always so awed by how everbody helps each other out, I just wish I could help somebody else out of a Jensen problem before I asked for more help..but here it comes all the same.

So has anybody got any idea how those "j " Badges (Emblems) attach, I mean obviously they pass through the holes in the body past the door, before the wheel arch (I don't actually have any holes so placement of the holes will be the first issue to tackle), secondly where does on pass his hand to tighten the two fasters that hold the "j" badges on. Actually if I could find these openings I would be able to drill the holes out from the inside.

I have looked at various photos (mostly cover shots from the JHPS newsletter) ,and with the doors open while I'm sitting on the ground I poke a flashlight around at the kick panels but I cannot for the life of me see a hole to say push a nut driver through.

Suggestions?, Photos? Advice?