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 Posted: 04-09-2005 12:09 am
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Okay, I have done it again.  I just bought a running car, but it has been painted (red over the original white).  This one has been hit right rear.  I looked at another one that was in dry storage the last 20+ years.  Looks good, but was parked for engine problems.  What have I done to myself.  So far I have 3 cars 1) 19530 JH5, too far gone for me to deal with, 2) 17347 a nice white one that I found on this site, fair condition, but needs a complete engine overhaul and misc body work, 3) 13245 ok example that runs and has good oil pressure when hot and at idle, but the body has some issues.  I have 3 cars, 2 of them 5 speeds.  1 good engine and 2 more or less parts engines.  I think that if I could just find a nice body, that I did not have to put huge $$$ into I would be much better off.  I can do anything mechanical or electrical, but paint and body are still a mystery to me.  I think that I only need to buy 2 or 3 more to end up with what I am looking for. 

Parts anyone?

At least now I can drive something.