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 Posted: 05-07-2006 08:55 pm
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Ron Earp

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Hey Steve, the old four core brass is gone already to a new home.

Judson, I think your idea of putting the radiator far forward is a good one. I sort of over did it on the radiator, but, I looked at what cars like our Miata and others had that run 180F at 6000 RPM all day and it seemed to me that if I could fit it, having a big radiator wasn't a bad idea.  And, I think it'll keep your motor alive, which we both want to happen!!!!!!!

I do agree with your comments on construction though - you can have a POS single pass six core downflow radiator that won't "out cool" an aluminum design that is designed right.  This one is a single pass design, two core, but the fellows said if it won't cool that motor I get my money back, no questions. Cool guy I dealt with, Bill, who has a Monster Miata (Ford 5L, 290hp) that he races and tracks with smaller radiator that takes care of his car cooling needs.

I hope, and think you are right - once we're good on cooling the oil temp and pressure will be sorted, and we'll be racing! Then more stuff will break.