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 Posted: 05-07-2006 03:01 pm
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Judson Manning

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Gee Ron...

I see you took my 13"x20" Scirocco radiator idea and really ran with it!

BTW:  That's one good looking

You'll be much happier with the Aluminum radiator.  Structurally it is MUCH stronger than brass, and is a MUCH more efficient design.  This has nothing to do with material selection, or fins per sq. in.,  it's all about construction techniques.

Like your's, mine is mounted too far forward and cuts off flow to the top 1/2 of the core.  But like me, you'll find the radiator design so efficient it doesn't matter.  When I made the switch, temps dropped 20-30^ and oil pressure went up 20-30psi.

Once you get your Oil pressure / Temp issues out of the way you can focus on DRIVING the car instead of messing with it! 

Got your 4sp rebuilt yet???

Can I say how much I HATE brass radiators???? 

More correctly:  Can I say how much I HATE poorly constructed brass radiators!!!!