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 Posted: 05-07-2006 12:41 am
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Ron Earp

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I wish the 4 core would have worked for me since it cost a fair penny to get it done like that. And a long wait.  I was trying to take the easy way and avoid doing what I just did - fabbing everything up for a custom setup. I think the 4 core will do you right for street use and some autoX duty, glad you like it.

Note  - for those considering one of the radiators be aware they have NO mounting tabs or anything like that. You are expected to make all your own mounts etc. Nice thing is that where I have it the radiator will not have to move to pull the engine.  I'll put the coolers in front of the radiator so there will be lots of free space between the radiator back and engine, might help cooling a bit with good open flow.