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 Posted: 05-07-2006 12:10 am
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You can get them all day long from Circle track suppliers.  Mine is a Ron Davis radiator, a fairly popular race brand, and they can definitely help you out.

The Ford style are not as tall as the Chevy style, mine is 16" exactly top to bottom, and comes in widths every 2". Ford style is important since it has the outlets like in the picture, the Checy and Dodge ones are very different. Very nice tanks on the side, and very large. Expect to wait around 6 weeks for one, but they take care of racers and I told them I was trying to make a big memorial day race so they put me up in the que - had it in four days from order!!

Carbs do need some cold air via box and ducting, and they will get them for the full on race prep. But now we're just trying to get the old girl out on track to discover what issues we have to deal with. One thing I KNOW I want to do is exopy fill the water passages in the intake manifold and make new exit ports for the water before it starts circulating in that manifold - ridiculous to circulate cooling water in the manifold like that.  Not good for power production.

Left to it's own devices a Jensen Healey would rather lie around in a field and rust or go to a car show. Making it into a race car take a lot of effort, but we're going to get there, one way or another!