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 Posted: 05-06-2006 08:55 pm
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After much looking around at off the shelf radiators that didn't cost a fortune I found few that fit. But, some that fit with some work.  Turns out a NASCAR Ford radiator is 16" tall, about the right height compared to the standard Chevy 19" radiators, and comes in 22,24,26,28, or 30 inch widths.  Of the shelf, aluminum, 3" thick, and cools around 400-500hp in race conditions for the circle track dirt boys.  Should be enough.

So, I ordered up a 28" wide $239 unit for a Ford to go in the car.  Naturally, it isn't a bolt in, but with some careful use of the Mighty Mighty Sawall, which I must mention has never lost a battle, Jeff and I were able to get it in.  Notice, there are some bits missing up front but they are not structural, just shrouding etc. for the stocker. Have a look:

Still doing some work on the remote oil filters and a huge 1ftx1ft oil cooler, but I think it'll all bolt up nicely in front of the radiator thus making engine removal and installation a "no touch the cooling stuff" affair.

I think this should solve the cooling issues at Roebling, what do you think?


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