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 Posted: 05-04-2006 04:55 am
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Thank You very much for sharing the bolt and nut list you sent me. This is very impressive and you have obviously done a lot of work to assemble this list. If you don't mind I would love to send this to Greg and maybe he can post it in the monthly mag and possibly find a place on the JHPS website (with credit going to you or anyone else who has contributed to the list). You should really think about sharing this list with the entire community. I have some other lists that I can check and cross-reference to yours to see if the list can be expanded. If the list was available through the JHPS then it could be expanded as other JH owners add to it until we have a complete list of every nut and bolt used in and on a Jensen Healey. I would be happy to take this on so others could send me information about nuts, bolts, screws, etc...etc...used to assemble the Jensen Healey that I could add to the list until it is complete for the entire car. The list could be posted to the JHPS website and possibly downloadable so owners could print it out and place it in their parts manuals.

Next we could work on a list of the weatherstripping used along with pictures and cutaways of each type.

Greg and Jim, let me know what you think.