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 Posted: 04-26-2006 03:25 am
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Judson Manning wrote: (Snip)... My guess is that with US emissions, the factory was trying every trick (110/100 timing, et. al.) to preserve HP in the later cars.

Yup,  horsepower sells cars even if the overall loss of drivability made the car less fun to drive.   Selling cars puts cash in your pocket...  deal with the complaints after the sale.   For a company that was perpetually strapped for cash,  that was understandable if not commendable.   I don't know if J-H shared that philosophy with Lotus,  or if they just inherited it along with the engine.

To give the devil his due,  there was a technical justification for advancing the intake cam.   The increased overlap resulted in greater charge dilution with exhaust gas residue at low speeds.   That gave much of the same affect as using Exhaust Gas Recirculation,  reducing oxides of nitrogen.

Regards -- Tim Engel

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