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 Posted: 04-14-2006 01:33 pm
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Ron Earp

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Well, after a false start with a bad engine and us building a couple more race cars in between for customers, we've got the JH back in the hunt and we think ready to race.  Over the last month we've been working on the car sorting suspension issues and all sorts of things.  We got a new motor from Judson and put it in last week nad fired it up, and we're winding up details.  Here is a picture of my buddy Jeff in the car and as long as we can get her aligned, tidy up the underside (only 1/2" clearance between muffler and ground, 1" on the header) we'll be good to go. 

It is a very low car, but with custom springs and shocks it has plenty of suspension travel now, although that took a lot of trial and error to sort out.  Tires are 245-45-13s on Panasports and it has a mean stance on the 3/4 view, which I'll try and get some pictures of for folks that are interested.

I'm very interested to know what it weighs, and, how much hp it puts down to the wheels. I'll probably not have time to dyno it before the race next weekend but I will once we return.