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 Posted: 04-06-2005 02:20 pm
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I have now heard from two people who own Sunbeam Tigers with MGB racks in them. Both say they use Mobil 1 grease in their rack and pinions and say it works great and have no issues with leaks or any other issues. One said he had been using it for several years. I don't think they fill the boot area with grease. From what I can tell they are filling the area around the bearing and pinion. Another person I heard from says he rebuilt an MGB rack that had been filled with grease and the internal parts looked like new. Would like to hear from others on the subject. So far I have heard not to use grease but I haven't heard why. All the replies so far have told me to use gear oil of one type or another, but it seems to be the consensus that is what was used by the factory. Anyone ever use Synthetic grease?