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 Posted: 04-12-2006 05:28 am
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 If you remember in some earlier posts I mentioned  having two engines. One was rebuilt in 1989 and came out of my 1974 Jensen Healey with less than 8000 miles on it. The other is completely apart and has no nuts and bolts to reassemble the thing. The second engine came with the abandoned JH project car I purchased. This engine looks like it has already been to a machine shop, but if it isn't too expensive I might take it back and follow Judson's suggestions and have the dowels added, then have the block align honed again, but this time for the 180o bearings from the 318. If my crank isn't cross drilled I'll check to see what this would cost and if it's not much I can get it done.  I had planned to build one performance engine out of the two engines. Now I'm thinking it might be best if I just purchased all new nuts and bolts to assemble my performance engine. Does anyone know if there is a list of all the nuts and bolts used on the 907 Lotus engine? I guess I would need to know the Grade and size of every nut and bolt on and in  the 907 engine? Can someone help me out on this request?

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