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 Posted: 04-12-2006 03:12 am
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Paul Koehler wrote: Are DHLA-45's  and airbox from the 2 breeds of Lotus you mentioned,  easily available in your local? Do you get from a bone yard or buy new?


Lotus cars were never imported to the US in big numbers and the non-Turbo models never came in with Dellortos.   The Carb-turbo Esprits used a pressurized Dellorto DHLA 45M that would require more effort to convert.   Not a big deal,  but why bother.   So anyway,  no,  the DHLA 45's are not common on this side of the pond,  but they can be had.   They get a little expensive new,  but I think the guys at JAE or Dave Bean could probably set you up with a pair.   Delta probably could too if you asked real nice.   Or my favorite source for all things Dellorto is Eurocarb in the UK.   Matthew knows all about the Lotus version and can usually provide a pair already jetted to the Lotus spec you choose.

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If you can be patient,  surf eBay UK and Lotus Dellortos will show up from time to time.   But they could be for the 2.0 907,  2.2  911 or 912,  or the turbo 2.2 910 (don't bother).   Any of them could be rejetted to work for your engine,  but Dellorto parts are a little expensive so it would be worthwhile to shop for something that will work as they come.   Maybe just a little tweaking on the idle circuit.

For a 2.0,  shoot for the carbs from a Lotus Spec 5 engine (1976-1980 Euro 907, 36mm chokes).   For a 2.2,  go for Spec 9 (1980+  2.2 912, 37mm chokes).   Most J-H conversations seem to advise against large chokes,  but I wouldn't go with smaller than 35mm  (Spec 3,  1975 UK 907,  35 mm chokesl)

The airboxes aren't exactly readily available in the US (I'm in Minnesota), but there are sources in the UK and there's a fellow by the name of Gerry Foley in the Pacific NW someplace (I can find his address if you need it) who makes reproduction Lotus fiberglass parts,  including airboxes.   I haven't tried the Lotus airbox in a J-H,  but the Elite/ Eclat have a pretty darned low hood line.   If the airbox fits in there,  I would guess it's got a good chance of fitting in a Jensen as well.   I might even have half of a Zenith Stromberg airbox kicking around from when I upgraded to Dellortos.

Tim Engel