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 Posted: 04-12-2006 01:34 am
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Paul Koehler


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Thanks Tim for your treatise on the Lotus 907. Your knowledge and sensible suggestions are only outdone by your willingness to share and ability to communicate. You have given me and I'm sure others, plenty to think about.

Are DHLA-45's  and airbox from the 2 breeds of Lotus you mentioned,  easily available in your local? Do you get from a bone yard or buy new?

And finally, it is great that this thread has garnered so much input, from a variety of sources. All the points of view seem to be represented. All the talk of cross drilling, dowl-pinning, bore alignment, tell me that, probably this is a job best left to the professional. However, no one has asked the magical question: "How Much"? Am I the only one intrested? Or is it a case of:"If you have to ask, don't bother"?

Paul Koehler