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 Posted: 04-10-2006 06:25 pm
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Thanks Judson, that is the specs i was looking for. So DMS sells the 15x6, just like the shop here in the netherlands. I shall check what they ask for these over here. It may be indeed the bolt pattern that makes the panasports so expensive.

i agree with you 205 are enough for street. When i'd put 205 on front and back then i could swap them if necessary. And a street car mine is...

One last: what about the 16"x7 wheels, would it fit the JH? (use with 205x40(?)x16?) or should i just stick with 15x6?

Only reason for me to go for panasport over the stock is that i think they fit the car better and the larger 15" make it look better. I have the stock 13" rims with almost brandnew tires on them. So i will break the car in using the 13" stock rims then switch them for panasports. If i can get them over here for almost same price as DMS then i buy them here.